Helping Hands

Below are some of the ministries at St Andrews. Serving is a wonderful way to connect to God's kingdom. Sign up for the weekly Epistle email to learn more!

  • Lincoln village

    You can read about the ministry of Lincoln Village here:

    RSVP to Trung Dam to help recondition homes with St. Andrews at Lincoln Village. We meet at the Academy (1110 Meridian St. N.) by 8 am. Bring gloves, water and wear attire that will allow you to work outside. We usually work from 8 to Noon. Check the events page to find out when the next date is scheduled.

  • Greeting card ministry

    St. Andrews has a greeting card ministry. There is a stand located near the stairs that will have homemade encouragement, sympathy, friend, and thinking of you 3 dimensional cards. We are asking for a donation of $1 per card, which will go into a fund to be used for miscellaneous needs of the church. If you know of someone whose life would be brightened by receiving a card, please feel free to take one (or more) and spread the love! Also, a collection of cards makes a great gift.

  • Rwanda Coffee ministry

    Please take a moment to support Anglican coffee growers in Rwanda. You can make a difference to the lives of small business entrepreneurs on the African continent by ordering your coffee here:

    Drink coffee, do good. Makes a great gift. Brittany Ortiz is in charge of the Rwanda coffee ministry. Contact Brittany to place your order.

  • freezer meal ministry

    What is a Freezer Meal Ministry? Similar to “Take Them a Meal,” you prepare a meal to share with someone in need, but these meals are for pop-up life events when there isn’t time for a sign-up. The meals are stored in the church freezer until needed. Participation in a Freezer Meal Ministry is often easier for folks who have busy work schedules and cannot prepare and deliver meals on weekday afternoons. You can prepare a freezer meal and bring it to church to be stored in the freezer when it’s convenient for you.

    The goal is to add six additional meals to the freezer, but depending on the church’s needs, the number may be adjusted up or down in future months. The goal is to use up the freezer meals within three months. We had several donated lasagnas, so other meal types would be greatly appreciated to provide some variety. If you have any questions, please contactl Sandy Grady.

    Meal Requirements:

    Be suitable for three months freezer storage

    Wrapped and sealed to prevent freezer burn (e.g., double wrapped with foil first and then


    Placed in disposable cooking containers (or freezer bags for dump meal)

    Clearly and visibly labeled with the following information wrapped in plastic and attached

    to the meal:

    Date when meal was prepared and frozen

    Name of who prepared the meal with a phone number in case there are questions

    Reheating or cooking instructions

    Allergen information (especially important if the dish contains peanuts)