about st andrews

We are Christians in the Anglican way of discipleship

Following the Anglican way of Christian discipleship means that we are accountable to a worldwide Communion through our Bishops, we are formed by prayer, we engage in biblically-saturated liturgical worship, we are Spirit-filled, we have a high view of the authority of Scripture, and a compelling mission to introduce others to Jesus. We are Trinitarian Christians who believe God has revealed Himself as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, Three in One and One in Three.

To learn more about Anglicanism and the foundational documents of St Andrews, please visit our resources page here:  /resources



  • christian hospitality for all

    We believe that the call of God is extended to people of every nation, tribe, and language. We would like you and your family to feel most welcome in the household of God in the Name of Jesus and in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. When you visit, if you are baptized and in good standing with your church of any Christian denomination, you are welcome to join us at the Communion Table. After all, it is not our table but His.

  • Equipping the Saints for Ministry

    Sunday is for worship and the rest of the week is for spreading the Good News of Christ Jesus. Our clergy and music team work each Sunday to lead us in God honoring worship. But they are not the only working members of the church. Rather, we believe that ALL Christians, without respect to vocation, are full time ministers. Therefore, we must be open to our leaders helping us to discover our spiritual gifts and callings so that we too may be employed in advancing God’s Kingdom in the world.

  • mission

    In the Great Commission, Jesus calls all of His disciples to go out and make disciples. Refusing to participate in the Great Commission is simply not an option for any who are called by His Name. Too many in our culture suffer from the lack of a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Learning how to share the truth of our faith in love while building a bridge of trust which can handle the weight of the Gospel…. this should be part of our calling.