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Geoff is our head pastor, or in Anglican speak “Rector” which is just an old way of saying head pastor.  He grew up mostly in Fairfax, Va though he also lived in South Korea, Saudi Arabian and Iran.  “I was able to experience other cultures at an early age,” he says. “That really helps a person gain a much broader perspective on the world.”

He met his future bride Kelly at Virginia Tech at a Campus Crusade for Christ event when they were freshmen.  While there they were married, had their first son and both graduated in 1992.  Geoff was a full-time youth minister for 7 years in the Episcopal church. He graduated with a Masters of Divinity with a counseling emphasis from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi in 2004. He was called to help plant St. Andrews upon graduation and has been here ever since.

Geoff and Kelly are empty nesters with two in college (Auburn and Mississippi State) and one graduated from college (Birmingham-Southern). “Life changed dramatically for us once the kids left,” he tells us. “It’s a new and exciting stage of life!”

He loves sports, fishing, off-roading, hiking, reading. He is passionate about preaching the word and helping people grow in their faith.


What is a Vestry?

The ‘vestry’ of a church actually refers to the small room where the vestments (the robes and other ceremonial clothes the laity wear during the service) are kept. Historically, the the parish committee met in these chambers where other valuables like church records and communion vessels were kept. The parish committee thus became known as the vestry in Anglican churches  and manages the financial affairs of the church, the maintenance of its assets, and promotes the mission of the church.

Steven Bowman - Senior Warden

Joye Williamson - Junior Warden

Sarah Pickle - Secretary

Robert Bray -

Liaison to Cullman Chapel

Jonathan Deyton

Jonathan Mack